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Bikini Wax

Brazilian, Bikini Full, Bikini Line...


Eyebrows, Brow Tinting, Brow Laminating…

Facial Wax

Hair Line, Forehead, Nose, Lips, Chin. Ears...

Body Wax

Shoulders, Chest, Full Arms, Half Arms, Underarms...


How to prep & what to expect

Grow Your Hair Out

Stop shaving & tweezing 2 weeks before your wax appointment! This allows for the hair to grow in the length needed for the wax to grip onto while also providing you with the cleanest wax possible! The hair needs to be at least the length of a rice grain or the bottom of your eyelashes. You may wonder “is this too long?” NO, it’s not too long! I’d prefer it to be on the longer side than on the shorter to ensure the wax will be able to grip onto the hairs.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Gently exfoliate no less than 72 hours before your appointment! Exfoliating in general is important for your skin health and is recommended to be a part of your skincare routine. Exfoliating removes dead skin which allows for a closer wax and lessens the chances of developing ingrown hairs. After waxing I recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week. Sticking to this exfoliating routine will also allow your hair to grow freely through your skin without getting trapped underneath a layer of skin (aka ingrown hairs).

Wear Loose Fit Clothing

Wear your comfiest outfit! It could be your laundry day clothes, it could be your pajamas! I wont judge. Loose fitting clothes allows your skin to breath which is important right after waxing. Bringing an extra pair of clean undies to wear after your appointment is strongly encouraged as it will reduce any sweat, dead skin, and bacteria on your freshly waxed skin. I also provide intimate wipes in the suite if needed! 

The Waxing Process

Upon entering my suite you will fill out a consultation form if you haven’t already through the email link sent to you. I always start from the bikini line and work my way inwards while you’re in butterfly position. The entire process is a little uncomfortable pain-wise but quick! With consistency the discomfort lessens with each wax. At the end I’ll lay a few clean up strips and possibly tweeze any stubborn hairs if needed. Then, I will have you in knees-to-chest position so I can wax the butt strip. The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes.


We will discuss aftercare during your appointment and what products I recommend that will best fit your skin type and needs. I offer products that are formulated for delicate skin, including your vulva. Please continue to exfoliate 2-3 times a week as well as using the products recommended to help moisturize and prevent ingrowns. An aftercare card will be provided after your appointment as a cheat sheet as well!


I strongly recommend getting waxed every 3-4 weeks! This is because the average length of a hair cycle is 4 weeks. You may feel like you don’t have much hair, but it’s best to continue with your wax schedule as this gives you the best results! I will modify your schedule if needed based on your hair growth.

Smooth Skin

Enjoy the benefits of having smooth skin for weeks! Show it off! Tell all your friends and family about it! Give yourself a treat! (margaritas? wine? mimosas?) You definitely deserve it because…YOU GOT WAXED!


Parker B. 8/14/2022

"Fantastic results every time! Val is amazing at waxing, she's super nice and makes sure you're comfortable every time :)"

Kesley M. 4/19/2022

"I have been seeing Val for years and she is the best in the game! She always does an amazing job and uses the best products for her clients!"

Valerie 8/6/2022

"Valeria is so patient and gentle (as can be). She is respectful, knows her craft and is a great listener. She goes above and beyond, literally".

Chantal T. 9/10/2022

"Val was very welcoming, and made my first brazilian wax a great experience!"

Scott B. 6/23/2022

"Valeria is the best! It's truly enjoyable, as she is so good at her work, time goes by fast and painless! 5 stars is the max, wish I could give more. "

Brandie 8/25/2022

"Just had my second visit for a Brazilian and Valeria is so nice and puts you at ease. Highly recommend for first timers or if you've been getting waxed for years."

Winter 10/27/2022

"Val is super sweet and was awesome! She helped me through my first time waxing!"

Carla 3/25/23

"I have been waxing for 10+ years and this was the BEST experience I've ever had. I highly recommend coming here!"

Marasia 6/02/2023

"val is the best, i've been to a few waxers but she is the first one that has made me truly feel welcomed and comfortable. the energy is always great around her :)"

Gio 6/02/2023

"So bomb❤️"



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